Over the years cities and towns have been seeing less and less in the way of grants for Homeland Security.  In 2004 in Maine, $22 million was split. Last year it was down to $2.8 million. For 2013  it could be the same or less.

Because of the budget issues in Washington, the amount for 2013 isn't yet set. This might be one area where not knowing how much money might be headed their way is not a huge worry.  When the security money started coming, there was a fair amount of it. If that money had been spent wisely over the years, it’s very possible communities would already be updated on equipment, computers and gear.

Over the years there have been some changed in how Maine hands the money out to the agencies. Maine used to have a statewide competition. Now it is a system that gives each county a set amount based on factors such as population.