Yesterday afternoon at around 5:30, there was a three car crash on I-95 near Lincoln that involved not one, but TWO moose!

A man driving at around mile 223 suddenly saw a moose in the travel lane, so he moved over to the passing lane. There was also a moose in that lane.

He struck that moose, which landed in the travel lane. He was able to pull into the median and put his four-ways on.

Next, a van from Prince Edward Island, carrying 7 passengers, came upon the scene and slammed on the brakes. The van was rear-ended by a woman in a VW Beetle. She suffered some facial injuries, including a broken nose and swollen eye.

None of the injuries were life threatening.

This should serve as a reminder that night time driving is more of a challenge because of moose and deer. Moose can be more dangerous because of their high profile (they can easily roll over the hood and into a passenger compartment). MANY Mainers, including right here in central Maine, have been seriously injured or killed in these crashes.

Something to know about Moose...their fur and eyes do not reflect light so, if you're going at a high rate of speed, you have little or no chance at avoiding a collision. Something to keep in mind and tell young drivers in your family!