Probably my favorite thing that McDonald's has dropped in the last few years has got to be the cream pies.  First, strawberry cream, then blueberry cream, and I'm pretty sure there were peaches and cream pies, too (never had a chance to try them, though).  Now, just in time for fall (AKA pumpkin spice latte season), they have pumpkin cream pie!

Even though not all of my friends agree with me, I think they are EPIC!  One half of the pie has pumpkin filling and the other side of the pie has the normal McDonald's "cream" filling.  Their cream is, basically, a cream cheese cheesecake filling.  Since pumpkin pies are typically creamy already, so it is basically a SUPER-creamy pumpkin pie.  The one I had was warm (like most McDonald's pies), but I bet it'd be even better cold (just my personal taste).


They are definitely worth trying!