92 Moose, Central Maine’s number ONE hit music station has your chance to win a thousand dollars TWICE every weekday in November with Moose Money Mania!

Listen to the Moose each day while you’re at work and listen for the Moose Money Mania Sounder. When you hear it, be the 25th nationwide caller at 1-877-854-WINS, that’s 1-877-854-9467. And if a thousand dollars twice a day isn’t enough, you can sign up to win $10,000 right now at our website. Good luck from Central Maine’s number ONE hit music station…. 92 Moose!

Here's the list of upcoming call times!

  • Monday, November 28, between 5:30-6PM
  • Tuesday,. November 29, between 9-9:30AM and 3:30-4PM
  • Wednesday, November 30, between 11-11:30AM and 6:30-7PM

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This contest is being powered by Mansir's Roofing and Siding!