HEY! It is New Year’s Eve and tonight there are a lot of resolutions that will be made and quickly broken. One of the big things is losing weight and being healthier, well; with Mend-A-Body Solutions I will be starting the New Year with a BIG head start. I am starting January 2014 down over 20 pounds and with over 12 inches lost between on my ribcage, waist and hip measurements.

In the two months I have been on Mend-A-Body Solutions I have lost my cravings for sweet and am eating healthier foods. And even with my crazy schedule and not always being able to exercise when I would like, I have been losing.  My friends Merry and Lisa have been doing the program too. Merry has lost a ton of inches and about 30 pounds. Lisa has lost over ten pounds and inflammation. They both look AMAZING!

I had some challenges. I mean if weight loss was easy none of us would be overweight, right?  But with Mend-A-Body I have coaches to make sure I have the support I need when I need it.  WHEN I NEED IT!!! That part of the Mend-A-Body program is what has made a difference for me.  What you need may be different and the Mend-A-Body program works to meet you where you are in your weight loss and wellness journey. How cool is that!

AND if all of this is not enough to get you at least check out Mend-A-Body on Dietsinreview.com they have a 99% approval rating.  99%!!!!  Really, who gets ratings like that? Mend-A-Body Solutions does.

( Oh my, do I need a hair cut!)