According to VH1's Gossip Table, Paula Deen, the former Food Network star, who's career is in a nosedive because of racist behavior, may seek redemption through reality TV. The rumor is that she’s been approached to be on 'Dancing With The Stars.'

The Huffington Post asked ABC for comment, but a spokesperson said, "We don’t comment on casting until we officially announce."

However, DWTS may not be the only reality show seeking Paula Deen. Delaina Dixon reports that she could show up on 'The Celebrity Apprentice' She reports that Donald Trump said:

'The Celebrity Apprentice' has proven to be a great format for reinventing and re-establishing careers i.e.: Brett Michaels, Arsenio Hall, Trace Atkins, Joan Rivers, and many others. Paula Deen’s reputation has taken a big hit and what better way to make a comeback than by raising money for charity?