The Maine State Police say a fourth person is being sought in connection with the drug related homicide of an Augusta man in November.  Three others have already been charged in the death of Joseph Marceau, 31, who was killed inside an apartment on Washington Street on Nov. 23.

According to Maine Department of Public Safety Spokesman Steve McCausland, police are seeking Aubrey Armstrong, 26,  from Far Rockaway, New York.  Armstrong was indicted last month by the Kennebec County Grand Jury and police have been looking for him since, McCausland said.

Armstrong is described as 5-foot, 8-inches and 155 lbs., McCausland said, adding that he went by the street name “Butta”.   Following the homicide, Armstrong is believed to have fled back to New York, McCausland said. State Police have been utilizing the U.S. Marshal’s Service and New York law enforcement agencies to locate him.  His last known permanent address was 2312 Oceancrest Blvd, Far Rockaway, NY.

Already charged in the death were Damik Davis from New York, and an Augusta couple – Zina Fritze and Sean McQuade.   Fritze committed suicide in her jail cell two days after being charged with homicide.  Armstrong was indicted last month along with Fritz and McQuade, McCausland said.

According to McCausland, there is no indication that Armstrong has returned to Maine, but since he has not been apprehended, the decision was made to release his identity.    Anyone with information on Armstrong’s whereabouts is asked to call State Police in Augusta at 624-7076 or your local police.