Glamorous is not a word I would normally connect with me, but check out these eyelashes that are pure glamour and it really dress up a girls face, if I do say so myself! Thanks to Mahala's Day Spa. No amount of mascara, no matter the quality can give you lashes like this!  And it was so easy to get done.

Mahala’s Day Spa is also the same people who introduced me to the magic of a shellac manicure and a wonderful pedicure. Now it’s the Nova Lash extensions. It was super easy to have done. You get all comfortable and then its two hours of your eyes closed while they gently, lash by lash, applied the extensions.  Laying still for that amount of time is hard for me, but I dozed off more than once. So I awoke with sexy lashes and a nap! I thought was worried I might 'feel' the extensions, but they totally natural and comfortable. I forget they are there until I catch a glimpse of my reflection and they make me smile.

These are built to last. They will grow out with my natural lashes.  They are water and seat proof. And as you can see, there is no need for mascara and they will last up to six weeks and require no extra care. The few seconds a day you would spend on applying mascara you would use the special little bush to makes sure the lashes are in place.

Mahala’s Day Spa has a beautiful new location in Manchester behind Oaks and Parkhurst on Rt 202 in Manchester. Same great people and warm, welcoming feeling but now they have a little more room.

The lashs sold out quickly, but you can still Seize The Deal right now with Mahala’s Day Spa for other services.  Trust me, not what you have done, you will LOVE Mahala's Day Spa.