What's going on?

Swear Words That Aren't Really Swear Words
We have talked about this a few times, but we are always looking for more. After all, we can not use actual swear words on the Moose Morning Show. That is, if we want to keep our jobs.
I saw this tweet last night and found a new word to use...
Live TV Interviews Gone Wrong
Ya know, sometimes working on live TV can cause things to come across that maybe they wouldn't otherwise have wanted to air!
Funtown Fun!
We had so much fun on our mini-vacation this week! Yesterday (7-8-18) we wrapped up the weekend at Funtown/Splashtown with our friends Joey + Monique and all our kiddos.
MMS Tweets of the Week
Every day around 7:50am on the Moose Morning Show, we share some of our favorite tweets. Laugh along with our accumulation of the best of this week!