Six people have been arrested in connection with a vandalism spree that caused thousands of dollars of damage in Augusta and Chelsea last weekend.

According to Maine Department of Public Safety Spokesman Steve McCausland, the State Police filed charges against a group of teenage boys in connection with the incidents that left behind several thousand dollars in damage  to homes and vehicles.

According to McCausland, five teens are facing charges in addition to the man who police say provided the teens with alcohol.

McCausland said Nathaniel Thibeau of Randolph and Spencer King of Gardiner, both 18; along with three 17-year-olds from West Gardiner, Randolph and Brunswick have all been charged with aggravated criminal mischief. In addition, McCausland said Patrick Simmons, 21, of Gardiner, was charged with furnishing alcohol to minors.

Deeming it a "mini crime wave," McCausland said the vandalism was "fueled by alcohol, marijuana and dislike of one of the victim’s choices of rap music."

McCausland said windows were smashed at three houses in Chelsea and Augusta, and several mail boxes and a car and a truck were also damaged. Most of the damage to the houses were caused by large items, such as cement blocks and garden equipment, being thrown through windows, during the early morning hours on Sunday, McCausland said.