On the face of it, it seems like a good message, as Starbucks strives to promote unity with its new cups.

Starting today (Nov. 1), customers will get their coffee in a limited edition green cup which is decorated with the faces of over a hundred figures, ranging from a coffee farmer to images of friends embracing. The cup is supposed to represent "shared humanity and connection," according to a Starbucks release, and is available for a limited time.

and last year that didn't work out so well for the company.

Last year, instead of traditional holiday designs, Starbucks rolled out a plain red cup at the beginning of November, and that caused an Internet controversy as some folks started accusing the company of being anti-Christmas.

While the company's website announced it was also rolling out its 2016 holiday drinks today (Nov. 1), there was no mention of a special holiday cup, so it remains to be seen if the newest Starbucks cup will provoke the same strong reaction as the much-maligned red cup did last year.

What do you think of the new Starbucks cup?