Maine Food Favorites Reviewed By A British Family
I stumbled across a YouTube video titled Maine USA Taste Test, it comes from a YouTube channel called My Virgin Kitchen. It's a channel started by Barry Lewis from Bristol, England. He created the channel to learn how to cook and share his experiences.
The Best States To Gain Weight In
Summer means food. You'll be out there grilling, eating pier fries at Old Orchard Beach, enjoying the summer beers, ales and hard teas and lemonades. That translates to gaining weight. I found an article on, where they ranked the fifty states on 'How much fun is it to get fat there?'
What Foods Do You Love… But Your Family Can Not Stand?
Yesterday on the Moose Morning Show our guest, Courtney Yeager from Crisis and Couseling Centers and Renee, were talking about how they do not like cilantro. I love it, and use it in cooking all the time. I was blown away, but it got me thinking. What are the food that you love, but you never get to…

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