Super Bowl

‘Uptown Funk’ Parody Pumps You Up for the Super Bowl
Here's a great, fun way to get you primed for the Super Bowl. It's a 'Big Game' party with a little 'Uptown Funk' thrown in for good measure!
Lyrics include:
Oh Yeah
It’s Superbowl
Foods hot
Beers are cold
This time, it's for a ring
Superbowl Ring
Game Faces, different places
Cheerin’ it up in th…
What Are Your Plans For Super Bowl Sunday?
There are seven major holidays in the year where we get together with friends and family. They are, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Super Bowl Sunday. I know, Super Bowl Sunday is not a holiday, but it a time for food and merriment. Are you going to or ha…

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