Today (April 23) it was 'Take Your Daughter/Son to Work Day.' Lexi has been bugging me for a while to join me during the Moose Morning Show. She's been to the station briefly for visits and on the weekend, but never for an entire morning. So, I said, "If you get up at 3am without fighting and arguing, we'll do it." Well, she did it!

Lexi - Selfie with Mac & Jon

I actually made Lexi take notes during the show and told her I wanted at least a 100 word synopsis of what she did during the morning. Heck, school's on vacation, so I figured a little writing would be good. Besides, it helps me to fill out this post!

This is what I did at 92 Moose! I woke up at 3 this morning. Very tired. We got to the station and my Daddy started work right away writing news, sports and weather for all three radio stations. I got to take a selfie with Jon and my Dad. Jon told a joke about strippers (of course.) We talked to listeners and I got to play games with them on-air. Something called 5 Second Rule. Then we had an interview with a girl named Jackie from Roosters. She was very nice. Time for another selfie.

Lexi - Selfie with Jackie, Mac & Jon

I helped Jon announce the birthdays for people that called in. Jon asked me if I wanted to be a radio person like Daddy and I said yes because it is fun and I was proud of Daddy, for working so hard and stuff. I had lots of fun at 92 Moose and I want to come back here someday. :D