This morning we stumbled onto the topic, "phrases or words that are tired and/or annoying," and we got some doozys! I'm not sure how to spell doozy. Actually, doozy is kind of tired. And what exactly does doozy mean? I digress...

I talked of watching the news and one of the catchphrases with every cable newscaster is, "at the end of the day..." Another is, "it (variable) needs to be part of the conversation." Really? Is this the best they can do?

Some of the calls (thank you) were a scream. One woman said she can't stand the phrase, "my bad." She continued, "it's like saying, 'I good'."

Another woman with young children said her husband is always reacting to news with the phrase, "you're shi**ing me!" She called back to say, "he called me and asked me if I was just on the radio and I said yes. He said, you're shi**ing me!"

How about "Epic." The woman who called this one in hit it on the head. When someone says something's epic, it never is.

"Know what I mean?" was another phrase a listener called in.

Can you add to the list? Drop a comment. Maybe we can clean up this language a bit. There are too many tire old fragments hangin' around!