Here are the things you need to  know today......

The French Interior Ministry has raised the death toll to 84 from the attack on people celebrating Bastille Day in the city of Nice. A large white truck mowed through the crowd of revelers gathered for a fireworks display. The driver was shot dead by police. France is still recovering from last November's attacks in Paris that killed 130.

Augusta has decided to go ahead with implementing new rules for yard sales. According to the KJ, issue will come back around to councilor after a ordinance has been drafted.

From the Associated Press, Supporters of a Maine law that called for rules for labeling foods that contain genetically modified ingredients say they're let down by federal legislation. The U.S. Senate bill will compel companies to disclose when foods contain GMOs, via a text label, a symbol or an electronic code that's readable by a smartphone. The bill pre-empts Maine's law, which supporters say is stronger.

Gov. Paul LePage is dismissing a pledge by 47 governors to combat the opioid crisis as a "feel-good measure." A spokesman cited problems including the lack of a law enforcement component and expanded use of naloxone, something the governor opposes.

Independent Senator Angus King of Maine says he is supporting Hillary Clinton's bid for the presidency. King told CNN that he fears Trump's "judgment and temperament" aren't suited for the White House.

Gov. Paul LePage is calling for more action on welfare fraud by Democratic Attorney General Janet Mills, who says the administration has denied requests for another fraud prosecutor. LePage in a release said less than half of the welfare fraud cases presented to Mills in 2015 has been prosecuted, and nearly 50 cases are still pending.

Donald Trump has canceled a Friday news conference where he planned to make public his VP choice, citing the truck attack in France. Meanwhile, a committee at the Republican National Convention has defeated an effort by conservatives who wanted to let delegates vote for any presidential candidate.