Halloween is a great time for spooky movies. Here's my top 10!

10. Rose Red

I remember the first time I saw this television mini series from the mind of Maine's own Stephen King. I didn't realize it was so long (it's over four hours) I just remember being captivated the entire time from the doors of the quintessential creepy mansion opening, to the end where I'm still left spooked. Ghosts, psychics, a haunted mansion, what could possibly go wrong?


9. Tales From the Crypt

Okay, I know this isn't a movie per se, but they are creepy and awesome and I absolutely love them (now that I'm older and not TOO creeped out by the crypt keeper, his laugh still gets me though). If you need a variety of creepy stories to keep you entertained, creeped out and grossed out, and a rotting corpse with a morbid sense of humor as a host, Tales From the Crypt is for you.


8. Shawn of the Dead

What would a Halloween movie list be without a Zombie Movie? There are so many to choose from so why Shawn of the Dead? Because it's funny and a parody of multiple zombie movies out there. It's a zombie movie everyone can get into. My mom for example, who doesn't particularly like gory, zombie movies like Shawn of the Dead. I personally love the pair of geeks who survive...sort of.

7. Twilight


7. It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

I have to put this here (not that I'm opposed to) because 1. it's a classic, 2. kids can enjoy it, 3. adults can enjoy it and 4. it's Peanuts. What holiday would be complete without a peanuts movie?

6. Hocus Pocus

I've been seeing a lot of Facebook posts about this movie and I am ashamed to admit I completely forgot this movie existed though it was one of my favorites growing up. Three witchy sisters want eternal youth and immortality by destroying the children of Salem, Mass., they get trapped for three centuries only to awaken with a vengeance.

5. Halloweentown

Another Disney Halloween movie (what can I say they are pretty enjoyable). And it also stars Kimberly Brown (Annie from Rose Red). Marnie is a regular girl, until she learns she's a witch and has the power to help save a town from certain demise.


4. Ghostbusters

Annnnd just like that I have the theme song stuck in my head. Dr. Peter Venkman (Bill Murray), Dr. Raymond Stantz (Dan Aykroyd), and Dr. Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis) team up after getting fired from the University to bust ghosts which are becoming more and more common, which is a problem. Great for business, or is it?


3. Rocky Horror Picture Show

This one isn't actually a "Halloween" movie, but with alien transvestites, a cultish following, a hunk of a frankenstein experiment and a creepy mansion it makes for a good movie for Halloween. A crisp and clean couple find themselves in the midst of a celebration of a mad scientist after getting lost in the woods and a broken down car. They're forced to stay in this eccentric, troubling house and discover secrets about their host, and themselves.


2. The Addams Family

I'm torn to what clip I want to show here. Do I want the original Addams Family from the 1960's black and white television show based on the comic, or do I want the 1991 movie clip? Well, the wonderful thing about this post is I don't have to chose! I love both (some may disagree, but to each their own)! The original sticks to the comics written by Charles Addams in the 1940's. The 1991 adaptation journeys away from the original storyline but keeps the same quirky characters and personalities, and is a simply refreshing adaptation.

Original 1960's TV

The 1991 Movie

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

You had to be expecting this movie on this list at some point in time. It may seem a bit cliche and expected but this Tim Burton film is an all time favorite of mine, my friends, my family, strangers, my cat (okay maybe not my cat) but still it is beloved by people everywhere. When a die hard skeleton decides he might want to try his bony hands at decking halls instead of inciting screams, the holidays just aren't the same. Throw in a doll like love interest, a two-faced mayor, mischievous kiddos, and a boogyman, it's a recipe for a movie to remember and watch all year round.


Honorable Mentions:

  • IT
  • Young Frankenstein
  • Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Halloween
  • The Goonies

What's your favorite Halloween movie or television show?