Weren't these songs released, like, yesterday? For this #throwbackthursday let's take a look back at some of the hits turning 10 this year.

Flo Rida-Right Round (Ft Kesha)

Still a regular staple in the club, this Flo Rida nod to the late 80's Dead Or Alive smash still bops.

Lady Gaga-Bad Romance

Who would have thought 10 years ago that Gaga would be starring next to Bradley Cooper in the remake of A Star is Born?

Daughtry-No Surprise

Chris Daughtry was a fast favorite during season 5 of American Idol. This hit comes of Daughtry's sophomore album, Leave This Town.

Cobra Startship-Good Girls Go Bad

Remember Cobra Starship? Remember when they teamed up with Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl fame?

The Black Eyed Peas- I Gotta Feeling

If you didn't jam to BEP, did you even late 2000's, bro?

Rob Thomas-Her Diamonds

There are few voices more recognizable in the pop-rock genre than Rob Thomas. I think we're due for another single. Don't @ me.

Michael Bublé-Haven't Met You Yet

It's become the meme of recent years that Michael Bublé only comes out of hibernation during Christmastime. Lest we forget his lighthearted bops during the other 11 months of the year.

Sean Kingston-Fire Burning

Sean Kingston, now 28, is still making music and teased new music on Twitter recently!

Asher Roth-I Love College

After a decade, college is a distant memory for most of us. This song brings all of those memories rushing back.

Owl City-Fireflies

Often meme'd, loved and hated, Owl City blew up with this electro-smash hanging at just under 300 Million views on YouTube.

Linkin Park-New Divide

Some songs are so integrally tied in with movies that you can't think of one without the other. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, anyone?

Hard to believe these songs are old enough to be in 4th grade now. They grow up so fast!

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