The music world lost a true legend of the industry today (April 21). Prince's death has reverberated through the various corners of the music landscape as his work touched so many people. It's truly a sad day for everyone from those who own every Prince album to people who only knew of him from a comedic sketch on Chappelle's Show.

Prince's presence was larger than life. There's no better way to capture the impact of an innovator like the singer. His eclectic style and unique persona made him influential to people of all different walks of life. And his mark on hip-hop is indelible be it through records that sampled his work or creative inspiration as an artist.

The "Purple Rain" singer's connection to hip-hop was not one-sided either. He released a number of rap songs over his illustrious career. Tracks like "Sexy MF" and "My Name Is Prince" showed his love and appreciation for the art form.

He also shared stages with the likes of Kanye West and Q-Tip. Recently, he revealed that he was a big fan of Kendrick Lamar. There was even talk of him appearing on Kendrick's song "Complexion" from To Pimp a Butterfly.

In light of his untimely death, XXL looks back at some of the many lyrics that have referenced Prince over the years. Names like Nas, Ice Cube, CommonDrake, Kanye West, Salt-N-Pepa and The Roots have all managed to put the iconic singer into their work. Check out 20 times Prince has been mentioned in rap lyrics below.

  • 1


    Kanye West

    "You know how long I've been on ya?/Since Prince was on Apollonia/Since O.J. had isotoners/Don't act like I never told ya."

  • 2



    "Straight up, wait up, hold up, Mr. Lover/Like Prince said you're a sexy motha/Well a, I like 'em real wild, b-boy style by the mile/Smooth black skin with a smile."

  • 3

    "Deez Bitches Rollin'"

    Juicy J Featuring SpaceGhostPurrp & Speaks

    "I got like four in the clip, I gotta couple of zips/And all these purple naked ladies got me feeling like Prince, swag." - Speaks

  • 4

    "Rolling Stone"

    Black Hippy

    "Listen ma, I got a role you can act out/And then like Prince pants, get your ass out/I don't need a princess, I need a mistress/Who's sticking dick in a damsel in distress." - Ab-Soul

  • 5


    The Roots

    "She said, 'I can't understand you, but damn you like Prince'/I make it feel like a Zulu, from Honolulu/By the way she roll away like a dog who name was Ubu."

  • 6

    "Rose Quartz, Like Crazy"

    Jazz Cartier

    "And I heard you like Prince, well, I got him on cassette, babe/My bow tie says I'm suited for this."

  • 7

    "Bridging the Gap"

    Nas Featuring Olu Dara

    "Born in the game, discovered my father's music/Like Prince searchin' through boxes of Purple Rain/But my Minneapolis was The Bridge, home of the super kids/Some are well-known, some doin' bids." - Nas

  • 8


    Roc Marciano

    "Must I reveal more sin and peel caps back like raw skin/I kick doors in and hip toss niggas like kids/Plus I'm light skinded like Prince, ready to let the Mac 10 rinse."

  • 9

    "What Can I Do?"

    Ice Cube

    "Already done stack me half a mill ticket/Bought a house next to Prince, so now I can kick it."

  • 10

    "No Hooks"

    Method Man Featuring RZA & Shaq

    "So here me comes, quick to beat you down/Like the RZA on the drums/Change my name like Prince, punks be tremblin'/My name ain't Shaq no more, call me Superman." - Shaq

  • 11

    "Two Scoops of Raisins"

    Common Featuring No I.D.

    "The razzamatazz, oh please, oh please, just give me just one more blast/I get off like Prince, but I don't have to show my ass." - Common

  • 12

    "Cali Dro"

    Lil Wayne & Birdman Featuring Daz & Kurupt

    "That's right the prince in town, bitch tear the fences down/Like Prince in town/Boy I shits a pound of that Purple Rain on the Marvin's day/You wit me now? Too high you can't sit me down." - Lil Wayne

  • 13

    "I'm a G"

    Kxng Crooked

    "Blast out, I'm the first to aim/You'll be ass out like Prince pants in Purple Rain/Blow your back out, bury you out back/Back now that's a dirty shame."

  • 14

    "The Truth"

    Lil B

    "What's up with that work, bitch, you look so thick/Like 20 bang bitch I look like Prince/Fuck what ya heard ho, shake that ass bitch/I need a rocker girl that look like '96 Pink."

  • 15

    "50 for President'

    50 Cent

    "Like this '03 and this is Get Rich/My album come with a full length movie/Featured film, I'm like Prince right now, man/It's like Purple Rain, baby, stupid."

  • 16

    "Ain't Waiting"

    Talib Kweli Featuring Outasight

    "Got me singing like Prince, you sexy motherfuck/You could be my princess bride, call you my buttercup/I love when you letting me be the man/Let me take you by the hand like Wendy in Peter Pan."

  • 17

    "Bomb 1st"

    Royce da 5'9"

    "After saying my name I'm about to change it like Prince call me/The ski mask, the beef with the street trash/The leaves, the trees, the grass at ya pad, he's mastered/Squeeze faster, instead of beatin his ass/Just let 'em have it and you can be the last one standing."

  • 18



    "Girl, they love me like I'm Prince, like the new king with the crown/Bunch of underground kings, thought you knew how we get down."

  • 19

    "Venus vs. Mars"

    Jay Z

    "I thought shawty like Mike, found out she like Prince/Thought she was Adrian, it’s been Rocky ever since/My dollars was down, she left me for some euros/Took my whole flavor, I call her Coke Zero."

  • 20

    "Work It"

    Missy Elliott

    "Just 'cause I got a lot of fame supa/Prince couldn't get me change my name papa/Kunta Kinte, a slave again, no sir/Picture blacks sayin, 'Oh yessuh massa."

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