When I'm headed up to Greenville for the day or for a week, I can't wait to crest Indian Hill for two reasons. The first one is, it offers the first, sensational look at Moosehead Lake. Secondly, it means your chance to stop and shop for, well, everything, at the Indian Hill Trading Post!

While in Greenville recently (a.k.a. "Moosehead"), I called up a friend to see if she had a few minutes to chat at the Stress Free Moose (a favorite hangout of mine). Amazingly, she did!

I've known Heidi St. Jean since her days at the, now defunct, newspaper, Moosehead Messenger. Great lady...smart, ambitious and, clearly, a great smile.

Stress Free Moose
Heidi St. Jean and I meet up at the Stress Free Moose

I had heard something was going on at Indian Hill Trading Post and figured if I wanted to know more, she's the one to ask as she's the point person for marketing and promotion of the facility. Sure enough, there's a big celebration coming up or, as we who frequent the northern region like to call it, "a wicked big par-tay!"

This is like a double anniversary which had me confused, initially. It's the 35th anniversary of the original owners, the Muzzy family. It's the 30th anniversary of the current owners, the Watt family. There was another owner in between but their tenure was too short to add yet another anniversary in there. So let's call it the 30th and 35th anniversary rolled into one. You'll be among the few who know why. Well, you, me and Heidi. As for the rest of them, let 'em guess!

Suffice it to say that Indian Hill has grown from a convenience store type place to a giant, full fledged shopping mecca! There's the Shop 'n Save, a sporting goods area (with guns, ammo, fishing equipment, boating supplies and more), name brand clothing store, hardware and basically, to steal a slogan....."if they don't have it, you don't need it!"

This Saturday, June 1st, it's the big 35th (and 30th....but only YOU know that) anniversary soiree complete with sale, giveaways (including an Old Town Kayak donated by Garelick Farms, an Old Town canoe donated by Maine Distributors, a Jiffy 4 Stroke ice Auger and much more.) and, probably, some retro music! If you're looking for a great place to go this weekend, the Moosehead region makes for a wicked good road trip...and if you stop by Indian Hill, don't be surprised if you see me spending like a drunken sailor....but don't think that statement's entirely accurate....I'm no sailor ;-)