88 year old Normal Kenney of Bath has been treated and released from Mid Coast hospital after potentially being exposed to rabies.

According to WMTW, Bath police had received reports on Friday of a Fox that was approaching someones dogs but the fox had run off before authorities could locate it. Later in the day, they were called to the scene where a fox had attacked an elderly man. The man fell to the ground while trying to fend the fox off with his cane. The fox bit the man in the face after falling to the ground. The man was able to wrestle the fox into his grasp and cling to it until officers arrived and shot it dead.

Now the name Norman Kenney may ring a bell to you. Norman was also attacked in September by another fox that he was able to subdue and strangle to death.

The fox has been taken to the state lab for rabies testing but no word has been received on the outcome of the testing. Bath had 16 positive rabies test results in 2019 and, if confirmed, this fox would be the first of 2020.

Bath Police remind citizens to always use extreme caution when encountering any wildlife.

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