This is EPIC!

KJ Video screen grab

Megan McGuire sat with her mother-in-law on Wednesday evening at the Depot Sports Bar in Gardiner. By the way, you can save 60% on the Depot Sports Bar and other great items RIGHT HERE, but I digress...

Megan, who is eight months pregnant, planned to pick up her husband, Travis, at the airport on Friday. They hadn't seen each other since just after finding out they were going to have a baby eight months ago as Travis is stationed in Kentucky as a specialist with the 101st Airborne Division and Megan is living in Chelsea with her family.

Megan didn't expect to see her husband walk through the door at the Depot that evening with flowers but that's just what happened. Travis was granted leave to be with his wife for the birth of their baby girl, who is due on March 31st.

They'll spend a couple of weeks in Maine after she's born and then head, as a family, back to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.