Harry Herington is the CEO of NIC, a multi-billion dollar company that is the parent of our beloved Maine.gov website. He could spent all of his time working his day job but, being that he's a former cop (Midland, Texas and Wichita, Kansas), he's got a soft spot for the families of fallen officers. That's why he's taking time to go to ALL 50 state capitals to visit with the families and raise money to send them to camp! It's called, Riding To Remember.

Today, Harry is in Augusta and he'll be at the state house at one o'clock to meet with the governor and others. In additions to saluting fallen Maine law enforcement officers, he'll be writing a check for $1000 to benefit the cause.

The man is amazing and passionate. He talks about miniature badges he's gotten from survivors to carry with him and he carries them proudly, displaying them at every stop along with an album he carries which contains pictures and mementos from his many visits.

Miniature badges
Small badges give by family members...proudly displayed at every stop.
Scrap book
A scrap book with artifacts given by fallen officers' family members

A professed Christian, Herington says, regarding his mission, "cut me and I bleed blue," referring to the universal police color He's a good man doing great work and his journey is worth following, which you can thanks to a gps on the motorcycle.

Oh, one final note. The picture of me on the bike with Harry? It took two attempts to get on. My first attempt saw me lose my balance and crash to the pavement causing 3 or 4 people present to ask, "are you alright!?" Unfortunately, it's a phrase I hear all too often :-)

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