Maine General CEO, Chuck Hays came into the studio to give us a ‘radio tour’ of the fancy new hospital. From the beautiful outdoor gardens and walkways (to be used for therapy) to the sofas that fold out into beds so family members can stay with sick loved ones, this place is magnificent! The Alfond Center for Healing is impressive. But you should see if for yourself. You can this afternoon (9/29) from 1-4pm with their open house!

We also talked about the overall plan that has been unfolding in Central Maine from the Center for Heath and Rehab that opening on Enterprise Drive in Augusta a few years ago and has an Express Care for non-emergency but still needed care. After the Alfond Center for Health is open, attention turns to Thayer in Waterville.  It will transformed into a center for outpatient care, which is the bulk of the care patients receive and Thayer WILL have a 24/7 emergency room!

The grounds are beautiful; the buildings are state of the art and energy efficient and want to make your healing experience as pleasant as possible.  Chuck was kind enough to come in and give us a preview of what you are going to see on the tour! Hear what the CEO has to say about this project!

Here is a video of some of the highlights of the tour. You’ll be able to tour the facility on Sunday, the 29th. Trust me, you want to check this out before all of the really cool areas are off limits (unless you’re heavily sedated)!

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