Waterfront (Halifax) 2008.

As I get older more and more of my youth disappears either by a bulldozer, by failure over time or just due to a revamp. At any rate a place in Halifax we used go after the other bars closed has now closed for good. The Palace also known as 'The New Palace' has closed I guess because of changing times and demographics. It was such an institution in Halifax The Barenaked Ladies referenced the bar in a song, 'Hello City.' Anyway the point of this story is not so much to reminisce about an old bar as it is to think back at our young days or in this case wasted youth.

What place do you remember growing up with that are now gone? Locally I can think of a few. For one, Poore Simons, which was a clothing store with locations throughout New England including one at the Augusta Plaza where I used to work.

I remember Upstairs Downstairs later known as Crazy River on Water St. in Augusta. Fun times there back in the mid 90s. Who remembers the muscle cars outside Shaw’s on Western Avenue before the Applebees? Who knows maybe you reading this had a Monte Carlo and hung out there?