the City of Auburn Police Department issued a warning on their Facebook page about Coyotes in and near the city. They decided to post the notice on their page after a resident had reported, on two different occasions, seeing a coyote in the Beech Hill Road area. Officials aren't certain if there were two separate coyotes or the same one coming back. They go on to explain that in certain circumstances they may try to take a dog or a cat if they are in a pack, but otherwise, shouldn't be cause for much concern.

The article goes on to explain that while Auburn is indeed one of Maine's largest cities, it does have a lot of rural areas and even some farmland. Coyotes are extremely timid when it comes to humans and do not typically want to be anywhere near you. In fact, according to Maine Inland Fisheries, there has never been a documented attack on a human in the state's history.

According to Michael Chaine, Auburn's Animal Control Officer, ff the coyote seems sick, appears aggressive, or is coming close to humans or is otherwise concerning, he recommends calling the Maine Warden Service.

“Just know that, yes, we have them,” Chaine said. “But unless there’s some specific reason, just kind of let them be as they are.”

Maine is full of all types of wildlife, including coyotes. I'm sure you have been out camping, hiking, or even just sleeping with your windows open in the summertime and heard their signature pack-howling.



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