According to WABI TV, Augusta's Jeopardy champ Jessica Garsed, along with Omaha Steaks, has made a big donation to the Ronald McDonald House.

After losing out on a $1,600 clue because she neglected to add an "S" to Omaha Steaks, the mail order meat company agreed to donate that amount to a charity of her choice.

On Saturday (December 15th), Garsed toured the Ronald McDonald House's Portland facility and presented the charity with $1,600.  Half of her donation went to the Bangor location, the other half went to the charity's Portland location.  In total, the donation will allow the charity to provide at least 160 overnight stays to a family (or families).

The Ronald McDonald Houses provide lodging near hospitals for families whose children are injured or are battling serious injuries.

You can donate HERE


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