According to a Facebook event page made by Northern Light Inland Hospital, is hosting a drive-up food pantry and will be handing out FREE boxes of Maine produce to anyone in need.
If you or someone you know needs extra food, head over to the Faith Church, located at 250 Kennedy Memorial Drive in…
What Is Cooper's "One Good Thing" List?
I think we can all agree that 2020 has not shaped up the way we hoped and thought it would.
While I won't go into the plans I had laid out for 2020 (my losses were tame compared to the losses of many others), the year has not turned out how I had hoped...
Does A Bear... Bathe In The Woods?
We've all heard the joke (or, is it an adage?   A saying?   A turn of phrase?  Whatever it is...) about whether or not a bear does its "business" in the woods (where else would it go?), but have you ever heard about a bear taking a bath in the woods...
Website Tells You If The McD's Ice Cream Machine Is Down
It's happened to us all at least once or twice.  We head to our local McDonald's restaurant dreaming about a McD's sundae, shake, or a McFlurry.
Now, there's a website that will tell you whether or not the machine is really broken.
According to News Center Maine, there is a we…

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