Summer is coming in hot, and one of the things that my little family gears up to do is enjoying a cute little fire in our backyard, with s'mores, songs, and that comforting scent of campfire.

We call Lewiston home and live in a suburban neighborhood, but because we are in the heart of the city, I wondered if we are still permitted to have those fires in the backyard?

The burning question is, "Are we legally allowed to light up a small fire in our backyard?" This is also known as "open burning," and I want to make sure we're all playing by the rules!

Can you have a cute little fire in your Maine backyard?

According to the Legislature, it is allowed to have a fire in your backyard.

Enjoying recreational fires and portable outdoor fireplaces is legal.

But here's the reason you should always check up on your local ordinances...

In October of last year, the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry brought forth a regulation saying that campfires larger than three feet in height and diameter need a permit, unless they're intended for debris disposal.

This rule mandates permits for burning brush and wood debris.

Maine legislation lets residential use of outdoor grills, fire pits or fireplaces for recreational enjoyment just as long at the dimensions at the base don't go over those three feet in diameter and height!

However, you do need to secure a burning permit for burning brush, based on weather conditions. To get one, you can reach out to the friendly folks at the Lewiston Fire Department Central Station. Firefighters will come and look at the site, do a review, and once you are approved, you'll be issued that burning permit, for free.

Make sure to always check up on the latest laws and city ordinances so that you can enjoy you summer without worry!

So if you'd like to enjoy a fire in your pit out back, it's a yes!

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