Three Restaurants Renee Will Miss After Leaving Central Maine
There is a lot I am going to miss about the Kennebec Valley area, but I have grown very fond of three local restaurants…and now I have to find new favorites in Florida. Central Maine has a bunch of great places to eat, but over time I have discovered, I have three I kept gravitating to on a r…
FREE Youth Summer Sailing Program In Rockland
Maybe it's just me but the allure of sailing has always tugged at my heart stings, something about the ocean and a self powered vessel strengthens character, adds to ones confidence and even leadership skills.
The art and experience of sailing is something I wish I would have acquired much earli…
Maine’s Summer Season Starts This Weekend
People are ready to go, and many have many vacation dollars unspent from last year. Maine is an excellent place to vacation on a good day but may seem even like a better option this summer because we have done so well with COVID; we have lots of outdoor space and beautiful weather.

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