If you're from Lewiston or nearby, Bourque's Market is a familiar spot. But if you start to travel just 30 minutes outside the LA community, I've noticed that many haven't heard of this hidden gem.

Nestled on 644 Sabattus Street in Lewiston, Bourque's has been serving our town since the 1930s.

Bourque's Market holds a special place in the hearts of locals, offering that comforting, old-fashioned neighborhood feel.

I remember when I first went off to college in Connecticut, my mom would ship me Bourque's tuna salad because it tasted like home. And whenever I returned from long trips away, Bourque's was always one of my first stops. And their fried mushrooms are to die for!

But the gem of it all? The history. The story of how they came to be is like a love story.

If you visit their website and click into the founder's history, you'll notice that they've written what seems like love letters of their journey to the public in the opening and history of this market.

The very first entry reads as follows,

Hello Everyone, In the summer of 1930, Mr. & Mrs. Bourque were busy making plans for the opening of a neighborhood grocery store. They removed everything from their parlor, and that was to become not only their dream, but the original store, and also a way to add to the family income. To be continued, Roger

As you can see below, Roger continued the story with entries to the public, taking us all along the journey of Bourque's.

Bourque's website/Screen shot
Bourque's website/Screenshot

If you haven't been, I am hoping that this beautiful little story about how they came to be invites you for a visit soon.

It's a feeling of home at Bourque's, and it's never changed since I was little.

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