Recently, many Maine companies have faced closures. This is especially sad for programs that provide essential services to our communities.

The state of Maine is currently experiencing many closures. It's now been reported by Central Maine that two children's residential programs will close due to financial constraints and workforce shortages.

Spurwink is a nonprofit company that offers folks behavioral and mental health services. Two of their residential facilities opened 20 years ago and have faced challenges, leading to them having to close those two locations in Chelsea, Maine, according to the article. 

The Chelsea location started in 2017, then expanded by building a new facility and renovating the existing one to create a campus.

As the article states, this is going to affect around 61 workers, and is expected to take place on June 30, 2024. Spurwink officials have offered to help the displaced workers in securing other positions.

According to the article, Spurwink has made about $74.6 million in 2023, and spent around $73.8 million. The year before, it was reported they earned $80 million and spent just under that at $78.5 million. It's reported that around 80% of their money comes from the services they provide.

DHHS press secretary, Lindsay Hammes, is aware of this closure, and stated,

We recognize the impact of this on Spurwink staff and children and families in need of care, and the Office of Behavior Health is working with Spurwink to support care coordination for children and youth impacted by the closure.

Kristen Farnham from Spurwink said that the private school on the Chelsea campus won't be affected by the closures.

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