When you think about farming in Maine, you probably immediately begin thinking about potatoes and blueberries. However, Maine has so many different types of farming. Take for example corn, tomatoes, lettuce and more!

But, there's also animals farmers in Maine, too- but you probably already knew that. From horses and cows to chickens and mules, there's no shortage of farming opportunities in Maine. Whether you want to work with animals or grow crops for yourself or resale, you can find something to do.

A type of farming that has become super-popular, not just here in Maine but all around the country, is goat farming. People, for whatever reason, have a crazy love for these noisy little animals.

Sidebar, did you know that if you scare a goat they'll fall down and pass out? Yeah, there's all kinds of videos online about it, though I don't recommend trying it. Seems like it's a little mean to the animals. You don't want them to prematurely kick the bucket now do ya?

Anyway, I've really gone off the rails with this. Let's get back on track here. If you are someone who has recently gotten the goat itch (sound like something you need a cream for) there's an upcoming 'school' designed just for you!

According to the Kennebec Journal, in conjunction with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, a 'goat and sheep school' is going to be offered from 9a-4p on Saturday, May 11, at 184 Burnett Road in Freeport.

The KJ goes on to report about the event in part,

Topics include selecting animals, housing and fence options, health and parasite management, biosecurity, record keeping, and building a veterinary kit.

Class costs are based on a sliding scale and can vary per person from $50 - $120. For anyone who might be interested in getting registered for 'goat school', you're asked to reach out to Sue Baez at 207-667-8212 or 800-287-8212.

Baaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That was a goat sound.

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