Their is a lovely full farm based in Litchfield, Maine, called, RMT Farms. It is owned by Mike Robinson.

Their are many farms around the world that are 'raise for slaughter', this is not the case with this farm. Not even close to it. I was interested to learn about how Mike produces his products at the same time sustaining a cruelty-free farm.

None of the goats are slaughtered or used for meat. They use their milk after they are done feeding their kids. All of their animals are very well cared for and love and they work closely with a local veterinarian.

The emus do have to be processes to get the oil, as it comes from their body fat, however, they do not slaughter on a commercial level. They only process a bird when it becomes a "quality of life" issue, medically necessary, or they pass away naturally.

Mike's oldest bird is 20 years old and everything on his farm is done humanely.

It is certainly obvious that he loves his animals and gives them a full quality of life until they pass naturally and then they share their benefits.

The circle of life is funny and sometimes hard to understand but in order to make a living, Mike treats his animals with kindness and love and then providing a product is almost like spreading that loving connection they had with others.

The Emu oil and Goats Milk are 100 % Natural Handcrafted skin and body care products.

According to Health Line, you can use emu oil for a few different things, moisturizing your body skin, weight loss, and prevention of skin aging.

It is made using only the highest quality natural ingredients from their animals and other natural ingredients sourced in the USA. All of their products are handmade.

Check out RMT Farm and all the lovely products and animals that live their in a gallery below!

Local Maine Farmer Believes in Cruelty-Free Farming to Produce Skin Care Products

A Maine Farmer has found a way to own a cruelty-free farm in order to produce his products from his Emu's and Goat's.

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