I have to start off this article with a quote from an 11-year-old boy, and it will bring you a smile so big that your cheeks will hurt.

This is coming from his Business Facebook page. 

I'm Brayden, I'm 11 years old and farming has always been a part of my life. I've developed a strong passion for gardening last year and as a result I now have my own vegetable stand. Thank you to all family and friends for their support.

Brayden, Owner 

Meet Brayden. He is 11 years old, and it is extremely apparent that he absolutely loves the world of farming. So much so, that he has decided to create his own vegetable stand.

Not only does he sell amazingly fresh and local produce, but he owns it!

According to his Facebook Page, he purchased it himself. At 11 years old, he is now a part of Maine's business owners. He established this in 2020 due to his passion for farming and all that comes with it, according to his page.

His farm stand is called Brayden's Vegetable Stand, located in Auburn, Maine.

This is so inspirational that someone as young as 11-year-old is rocking the world of produce, and for Brayden, the sky is the limit!

He sometimes posts updates on his page letting everyone know what he's currently up to and how the business is going.

Brayden's Vegetable Stand via Facebook
Brayden's Vegetable Stand via Facebook

Brayden is very charitable as well. He gave back to the community by attending the Auburn City Council and donated 75 pounds of squash and 3 turkeys to the Senior Community Center.

Because of his generosity, Brayden was awarded a scholarship from Councilor Belinda Gerry. This is all according to his Facebook page.

Below is the video!

As of 2021, Brayden's farm stand offered various goodies such as varieties of squash: including butternut, buttercup, acorn, red curry, red october, spaghetti, delicata and carnival squash. This was offered in November, and squash is very important during times like Thanksgiving.

Brayden is a part of a movement that we're seeing of the younger generation, taking control of their own lives in a positive way by creating, building, buying, and owning their own businesses.

To check out his stand and see the wonderful work he is doing, visit his page and support local farmers!

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