Not only is Maine a hotspot for wildlife, both on land and in the sea, but the state of Maine is also home to of the most experienced and knowledgeable wildlife biologists in the entire country.

And now, a longtime Maine wildlife biologist is going to be giving a talk in Farmington, Maine later this month, according to the Kennebec Journal.

The Kennebec Journal says that Maine wildlife biologist, Ron Joseph, will be giving the talk at the Thomas Auditorium which is located inside Preble Hall at the University of Maine at Farmington.

The educational talk will commence on May 8th. Joseph's educational talk in the auditorium is set to focus on a wide array of subjects including protecting and conserving different species of wildlife.

The KJ reports that Joseph's primary concern, and a big focus of the talk will be on the warming of the state of Maine and how it is detrimental to the Pine Tree State's native fish species.

And, if anyone is going to give a talk on better ways to handle and conserve Maine's wildlife, Ron seems like a wicked-good choice to do just that. The KJ is reporting that he began his long career back in 1978.

In '78, Ron became a state and federal wildlife biologist where he dedicated much of his focus to finding new ways to help restore the numbers of endangered species.

The paper explained that in 1990, he started his career with the US Fish and Wildlife Service as a private lands biologist, working with landowners to help them restore hayfields and wetlands.

Click here to join the talk via zoom on May 8th.

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