According to WGME, Maine was one of seven states that sold this common household spice, which is reportedly now responsible for Salmonella sickness.

This was a type of organic basil sold at Trader Joe's stores in Maine.

The CDC is saying you should throw away or return any Infinite Herbs Organic Basil you bought. It was sold in small packages.

If you bought this spice during February 1, 2024 and April 6, 2024, I'd suggest throwing it out immediately. This basil is now officially being recalled.

Symptoms can come as soon as 72 hours after ingesting contaminated food, as the article states.


At least 12 people from these states have gotten sick from it. If you have purchased this type of organic basil, make sure to clean things that might have touched the basil, like cutting boards and fridge shelves.

No one has died, but someone has gone to the hospital. If you are already sick or older and have a weak immune system, it could be more serious.

The symptoms after ingesting salmonella contaminated food items are diarrhea, fever, and tummy cramps.

Check out this article from the CDC on what you need to know if you ingest salmonella.

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