St Patty’s Taste Testing With Damon’s Beverage
If you are looking for some ideas cocktail wise for the upcoming St Patricks Day look no futher than Damon's Beverage & Redemption family of stores.
Owner Donald Damon hosted another taste testing to give us some ideas with a variety of drink options.
How Much Caffeine Is Too Much?
Both Kristi & I start our day with a lil caffeine something or other. For me it is usualy a medium roast coffee, Kristi has a little more variety to her more drink of choice, it could be a coffee, an energy drink, or whatever strikes her fancy that morning.
Dunkin’ Introduces Wedding Merch
Dunkin' fans can now officially say “I Do” with Dunkin’. According to an article by Dunkin' is helping Dunkin’ obsessed couples tie the knot and run together forever with the first ever Dunkin’ wedding…
Ramen Noodle Bath For What Ails You
I guess if you live long enough you get to see everything. Apparently one of the "must do's" right now on social media is "ramen noodle baths"
Yes, it's actually a thing you can do. Why? Well, that's a whole other question.
The trend dates back as far as 2007 according to an articl…

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