When it comes to driving laws in Maine, we're actually a fairly strict state. However, over the years, most other states have caught up with Maine-enforced laws such as seat belts.

Did you know that New Hampshire is now the only state in the entire country that doesn't have a seatbelt law when it comes to driving or riding in automobiles? Pretty wild, eh? Then again, they take that 'Live Free or Die' thing pretty seriously.

But, where does Maine stand when it comes to riding a motorcycle without a helmet? Believe it or not, many of you may think the answer is 'you don't have to wear one in Maine'. But, that's not entirely true.

According to World Population Review, the only states in the US that don't have helmet laws for riders over 18 are Illinois, Iowa and New Hampshire. But what does that mean, exactly?

Well, almost all states, including Maine, DO have some form of helmet requirement for riders over the age of 18. In Maine, riders who are over 18, but haven't had their motorcycle endorsement for a full year must, by law, have a helmet on when riding.

After that one year is up, you can, at your own risk, ride without a helmet in Maine if you so choose.

According to an excerpt from the section of laws regarding helmets from Maine.Gov,

Motorcycles and mopeds: In Maine, the following riders must wear protective headgear: operators or passengers who are under 18, operators under a learner’s permit or who are within one year of completing a driving test, and the passenger of an operator required to wear headgear. Violation of this section is a traffic infraction.

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