Other than those who have actually caught the virus, some of the people most affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak are grade school students and their teachers.  Most of Central Maine's elementary school students want nothing more than to be able to return to the normalcy of a regular class schedule.  And, the teachers and staff want nothing more than to get back to the job of shaping the minds of their students.

To let those students know they are being thought of during the social distancing caused school closure, the teachers and faculty of Augusta's four elementary schools have produced video messages.

Each video features a montage of the educators, and sometimes their families and / or pets, sending positive messages to the students.

In case your child missed the message for his or her school, check them out here:

Sylvio J. Gilbert Elementary School


Lillian P Hussey School


Farrington Elementary


Lincoln Elementary

Let's all hope this outbreak ends soon so that teachers and students can get back to school.

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