An Augusta woman who recently passed away did something that shook everyone up, in a good way. She wrote her own obituary. This is epic and legendary and the best type of send-off you can give yourself and your family.

Gail A. Armstrong wrote her entire obituary, in first-person. This unique take on something that normally is very sad, has now gone viral.

It helps to bring light to a very dark and tough period for loved ones who have lost someone.

Gail is self-admittedly a sarcastic woman and as you are reading this epic obit, you will see first hand that she is funny as hell.

I was in happy tears as I read this and I am sure you all will be too. Below is the obituary from Central Maine,

I hate to admit it but I, Gail A. Armstrong from Augusta, have passed away with my two loving daughters by my side on July 15, 2022, at Lahey Hospital in Burlington, Mass. I was born Feb. 4, 1961 to Rodney and Beverly Armstrong who have preceded me, along with my brother, Rodney Armstrong Jr. “Bubba”.

I leave behind my oldest daughter Amanda Allen, my daughter Tiffany Allen Baynard, her husband Cameron, and my “perfect” grandson Bradley (whom I refer to as “My World”). I also leave behind my ex-husband and dear friend Rick Fowler, my brother Amos Armstrong and wife Kathy, my sister Lisa Maxim and her partner Darrell, as well as many nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles.

I always enjoyed instigating people on Facebook, sharing pictures of my daughters and my grandson, and being on the water. Another lifelong passion was reading obituaries in the Kennebec Journal. I always called it the “Stiffs Section,” and here I am joining with my own debut.

My causes of death were complications with illness, having a little too much fun earlier in life, and fatigue from dealing with all the humorless and overly sensitive people in this world today.

Most will remember me by my sarcastic comments and inappropriate jokes. I can make light of any situation even up to my last days. I just can’t help myself!

I finally have the smoking hot body I always wanted … I have been cremated. My ashes will be spread in the water in various locations, and I will be swimming all over the world.

Although I passed at Lahey, I want to thank the staff at Gray Birch in Augusta for putting up with me and taking great care of me even though I was a handful. It was all in good fun.

For those of you who are wondering who helped me write this … it was my daughters. As you can see, my sense of humor will live on through them. You are all welcome for that.

Thank you all for sharing this life with me. I’m off to go raise heck with Bubba and the rest of the stiffs. Latah!

Love most of you, Gail

Finding peace when dealing with grief and loss is so tough and feels impossible but with a send-off like this, I believe it makes it that much easier to smile and accept the peace that Gail brought to her family.

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