Sound sappy? It is. Very. But it's true. My mom use to make my dad go out and pick blackberries in the prickly bushes because, "Jonny loves blackberry pie." I miss her so much.

Well, the other day when I got home, Marie-Anne says, "I got you a surprise."

That ALWAYS means something sweet so I say, "look at I look like I need sweets?"

"I'll give it to one of the kids," she says. Then she says it's blackberry pie and my jaw dropped.

I hadn't had a blackberry pie since the last one mom made me. I lived for them in the summer and she'd always have a new one for me before the old one was gone. I got spoiled. When she got sick and couldn't bake anymore, I didn't bother looking anywhere because nobody could make them like mom. Especially the crust which, try as she may, Marie-Anne, who is a GREAT cook, can't even duplicate.

The pie she got me came from the Apple Shed Bakery at Lakeside Orchards. Wow, is it ever good. Brought back wonderful memories and, although the crust is delicious, it's still not mom's.

Are there any foods the bring you back to an earlier, sweet time in your life? Think about that while I go get another whipped cream covered piece of blackberry pie. ;-)