Tonight is the most important game so far in these 2014 playoffs for the Boston Bruins. Boston is down two games to one in their best-of-seven series, playing Game 4 in Montreal at 7:30. Not to be “Captain Obvious” here but losing tonight will pretty much end the series. Of course being down three games to one doesn’t mean the Bruins are out, but it sure makes it hard to come back and move to round three.

As a slightly more than just casual fan of the sport and after seeing the first three games in this second round, it would seem to me Boston needs to first of all, screen Montreal’s goalie Carey Price. Many of the shots on Price are in his sight from either the point or hashmarks. Boston needs to crowd the front of Montreal's crease, deflect the puck and or confuse Price.

The Bruins to me in this series seem to be playing too much with their minds and not enough with their gut and tenacity. Yes, it’s Montreal and a historic rivalry; however, they’re just another team. If Boston needs to, just picture the Canadiens players wearing Blue Jackets jerseys if need be.

Boston needs to stay out of the penalty box. All of this extra pushing and shoving after whistle has to stop. If a Habs player gets under a Bruins player's skin, they have to take it out on the puck and score. If the Bruins do get a penalty, kill it.

Last but not least, the Bruins need to game-up. They are the President’s Cup trophy winners this year. Meaning they have the most points in the whole league at the end of the regular season.

You can catch all the action of tonight's Bruins game over the air on our sister stations, 1400 (Augusta) and 1490 (Waterville) Kool AM. The pre-game gets underway at 7 pm.