UPDATE- 4:30 p.m.-- According to WGME, police have said that a house fire in Sidney is connected to the murder-suicide in Gardiner today (March 19).

The story said,  that according to police, the couple who died in the incident, were estranged and did not live at the home on Fairview Street where they were found. Police did not give details on how the fire was connected to the incident.


Two people are dead following a Tuesday (March 19th) morning shooting in Gardiner.

Officers responded to a Fairview Street residence at approximately 11:30 AM.  At the scene, they found a deceased male, and an injured female.  The female was taken to the hospital, where, according to police, she later died.

Police say there is no danger to the community. Maine Department of Public Safety Spokesman Steve McCausland, police are investigating the incident as a murder-suicide.

This story will continue to be updated.

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