If you drive a cab in Las Vegas, you're gonna see some crazy things. But the biggest jolt of Adam Woldemarim's cab-driving career came last month after he finished a shift and was cleaning up his van. In the back seat of the vehicle was a soft laptop case that a fare had left behind. But instead of housing a computer, the case held $222,510 in cash.

While visions of a nice long vacation were surely dancing through Woldemarim's head, he chose to call the cab company's security office to report what he found. Not long after that, they got a call from the bag's owner, who had won big at the casinos and then inexplicably left his booty in the car.

Woldemarim returned the bag that had over $200,000, and in return what did the careless gambler give him? A tip of $2,000 for his trouble. In other words, a 1 percent tip.

That isn't sitting well with some of his fellow cab drivers, who complained about Woldemarim's less than generous reward to the Las Vegas Review-Journal: "That's all?" one asked. "How about 10 percent, at least? That's $20,000!" Others yelled, "How about 15 or 20 percent? That's the going rate for tips in Vegas, after all."

Woldemarim, who hails from Ethiopia and has limited English skills, expressed that he was grateful to get any money for simply doing the right thing.