Do your neighbors drive you crazy? Enough to take them to court? Well, that's what one Camden homeowner is doing to try and get his neighbor to turn down their outside lights.

A lawsuit was filed this week in Knox County Superior Court on behalf of Bay View Street resident, O. Stillman Rockefeller. According to the Bangor Daily News, he claims that the owner of the neighboring property, Cove Cottage LLC, floods "Mr. Rockefeller’s peaceful property with intrusive bright and glaring lights, which substantially reduces his ability to enjoy his property."

Back in November, the town’s code enforcement officer actually issued a notice of violation and later withdrew it because the lights had been in place for years before their current light pollution ordinance was adopted.

The suit claims the bright lights have reduced the value of Rockefeller's property.

Is there anything your neighbor does that would lead you to bring them to court?

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