For years, Dr. Zeleniak (Dr. Zee) and his Augusta Orthodontics team have delightfully treated all of us Mainers to a spectacular holiday lights display at their State Street office in Augusta, Maine.

This wasn't just a few strands of lights, oh no, it's a show that could make Clark W. Griswold jealous! Unfortunately, the much-loved display won't return this season and we are bummed.

One of the best parts of this unforgettable light show was the continuous growth and improvement every single year. To fully appreciate it, you really had to watch the entire sequence multiple times from different angles. From right after Thanksgiving through December 31st, hundreds of people visited the office each night.

We heard rumblings that there wasn't going to be a display this year but it is now official, according to Staff at Augusta Orthodontics. We wish them all the best.

If you'd like to witness the magic, above is a YouTube video from 2018 showcasing the festive magic of this particular light show.

There are other various light shows throughout Maine that will be taking place this year, waiting to dazzle you but the epic Dr. Zee will not be happening this season.

If you'd like to walk down memory lane, you can witness previous years of Dr. Zee's incredible light display. 

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