They had their soft opening back on September 3rd, but The Warehouse is now open on KMD in Oakland. With a specialty in CBD oil, the non-psychoactive oil extracted from hemp, they are offering a wide-array of products to the every day consumer.

a Wide Range of CBD Products including Oil Tinctures, Water Soluble Tinctures & Flavored Water Soluble, Vape Cartridges, Pain Relief Creams, Lotions, Daytime/Energy/PM CBD Gummies, Resveratrol Infused Coffee, CBD Infused Coffee, Hot Regular Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Cold Brew Nitro Infused Coffee and more!

On Friday, the Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention granted The Warehouse a 60-day conditional license that will be extended if owner John Jabar installs a specific kind of sink, said CDC spokesman Robert Long. Jabar said he has already accommodated the request between the inspector’s visit and the issuance of the conditional license.

Their article also goes on to explain how the CBD extraction process works, as well as explaining some of the many health benefits of CBD oil including help with anxiety, depression, insomnia and inflammation among others.


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