Exciting news taking place in Lewiston, Maine! The grand opening of a store caught my attention, and I had to do a double take.

It goes by the name 'Shenanigans LLC.' Although I don't have much information about it yet, I am intrigued. What drew me in? Well, it's the description on their Facebook page, which reads, "Witchy, Cottagecore, Nerdy, Gift Shop."

They announced that the grand opening will be on February 2-3 from 11am-6pm. They moved from Gorham to Lewiston and will be located at 906 Sabattus Street, Suite #1 in Lewiston.

They offer artists and vendors to show their talents in store. I think that shops that have distinct themes like witchy, cottagecore, and nerdy elements help to broaden the range of products and services available to Lewiston residents. I love this because it's a diverse shopping experience that will cater to a wide spectrum of interests and preferences within the L/A Community!

If you haven't heard of what 'cottagecore' is, I will fill you in, it's a certain aesthetic and lifestyle that emphasizes a connection with nature, featuring things like vintage clothing, handmade crafts, and a deep appreciation for natural landscapes and wildlife!

I checked out Shenanigans website and they specialize in alchemy, glass & stone, clothing, artisans, prophets, and much more. I am so intrigued and I am happy to welcome a unique niche to our town!

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