Val's Drive-In is one of the finest spots to visit while in Lewiston, Maine. The locals rave about it, and look forward to their opening season each summer. The drive-in is a nostalgic gem, and located on Sabattus Street.

Drive-ins automatically transport you back to a simpler time. But this spot adds a little extra charm. Val's is not only a great spot to grab a delicious burger, fries, and soda, but also takes you into the past, complete with classic drive-in features. It's rare, and such a gem.

I look back to when we first moved to Lewiston from Pennsylvania, and Val's was one of the first spots Mom and Dad brought us for a quick bite. I remember how cool it was watching the girls bring us our food tray and pop it on the side of our window. That's an experience on its own!

I was so young, so gravity didn't make sense to me. I thought it was crazy that an entire tray of food could balance on the side of your car window. It shocked me, and the people that work there are always so happy.

The root beer is also the best I've ever had.

Right now, they are offering a fun Throwback Thursday special, where they are open from 11am-7pm. According to their Facebook page, 

...beat the heat with a root beer float only $2.39, 18 frappe flavors, and the iconic hamburger meal for only $8.35.

The charm goes beyond the old-fashioned appeal. The menu gives you so much yummy comfort food. The burgers, hot dogs, fries, and milkshakes are top-notch, and each bite reminds you of why drive-ins remain a beloved American tradition.

The combo of delicious food, positive service, and the unbeatable atmosphere makes Val's Drive-In a truly special spot in Lewiston, Maine!

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